About Me

First of all welcome to my humble website, not too fancy, but nice enough to want to come back, I hope! Anyone who knows me knows I love rugby, we eat, sleep and breathe it in our house. My son plays for Tabard RFC and I follow my son to most games. I also support Saracens, I follow them home and away, my wife also supports Saracens, not for my sake but Laura-Jayne is just as mad about it as I am. It’s a thigh thing I think, she likes thighs!

I work in the software industry and have done all my working life. I love it. I’m a old techie who has seen terrific change in this industry and that’s just fine with me. From the very basic software I worked with 20 years ago to the web 2.0 world that we live in… I love technology, and I’m lucky to have spent most of my career in pre-sales, that’s what I do. I have done this for a number of different organisations mastering many diverse technologies  but most recently Business Intelligence.

Recently I wanted to learn more about the science and  design of Dashboards, how to create something that works really well but also looks good. I have followed the work of Stephen Few and have taken on board many of his teachings on design. Yes, dashboard design is part science, that’s true, but it’s also part art with just a little funk rubbed on to get the attention it needs. Dashboards, Scorecards, Management Information Systems, EIS, many names for the same thing – I’ve tried to understand, design and deliver solutions that answer the business questions but in a visually compelling way. Some of my samples are on this website – have a look if you get a chance.

I’m very proud to say that I work for SAP, we have a wonderful portfolio of solutions and I’m privileged to work with a fantastic bunch of people. But this site is not all work and no play,there is some Rugby Stuff on the site, there is some Dashboard stuff and a few unfinished pages. Probably some spelling moose-takes as well. Anyway… enjoy the site, come back and visit soon.