RWC 2011

Stop Press, “We’re Done, the World Cup has arrived. I’m done, it’s for fun only, it’s unsupported but it’s here. If I have to make a change I will but I’m happy now”
Some time ago I wrote a dashboard for the 2010 World Cup, that’s football by the way. Anyone that’s spent more than 10 minutes on this site knows that rugby is more my game, football, well that’s just pants.
So this year is a world cup year so I have started working on a new dashboard to track scores, teams and matches. It’s a little different to the last one as you still have to enter the scores but also the number of tries scored so that it can work out the Try Bonus Points correctly.
I think (hope) that the final version of this dashboard is now ready. I’ve tested this as best I can and it looks good.  If I have to make any more changes I’ll let you know but as far as I can see version 6.02 is the one! You can now display all the dates and times in your local timezone to see what nasty time of the morning you have to get up.
I’ve also had to make yet more changes to the local timezone feature as it appears that the clocks in New Zealand go forward 1 hours on the 25th September. Therefore all matches on or after that date will have an even earlier start!
The dashboard allows you to enter scores and tries and then save these locally. Each time you restart the model these saved scores should be re-applied to the dash and re-order the pool tables. I have tested this on Internet Explorer and Firefox with no problems but I have seen issues on Google Chrome where the pools are not updated. Should this occur I would try the F5 (Refresh) button to reload the model again. I’ve only seen this issue on Chrome so you have been warned. It looks like a Flash issue but this dash is a sample and as such – used as is with no support from me.
I’ve made some internal changes from previous versions as the IRB use a different set of rules to order the pools when one or more team have the same number of points as another. Please do let me know your thoughts  in the comments section below. My thanks go to Ryan at Centigon Solutions for the use of his excellent Sort component.
For the official SAP site you will need to visit where you can track scores, view stats as they happen see team and player profiles etc. My version – just for fun

4 Responses to RWC 2011

  1. Daniel Davis says:

    Wow, amazing (: I love it…

    Joking aside -- I just want to see that comments work!



  2. James Watson says:

    Looks good, what’s coming in the RTM (do I need a coach for Ramp Up?)
    How about adding links on each team to take you to the relevant page on the official Rugby World cup website ( )
    within the dasboard itself. Also, similar for the venues?

    Just some ideas 🙂

  3. admin says:

    James, New cut v3.17 up now, just a few cosmetic changes, info section coming soon.

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