Brazil 2014

Another Year, Another Dashboard, I give you the BRAZIL 2014 WALLCHART
Some time ago I wrote a dashboard for the 2010 World Cup, and another one for the Rugby World Cup the following year. But this year is a World Cup year so I started working on a new dashboard to track scores, teams and matches. It’s a little different to the last one as you still have to enter the scores but the sorting of the Group Tables is automatic. You still need to SAVE your scores before you quit but that’s not exactly taxing – see the HELP page for usage. Please download the Dash, Movie and Instructions onto your desktop by following the download link at the end of the page or clicking on the image below.
The dashboard allows you to enter scores and then save these locally. Please follow the instructions in the Word Document or as displayed when the application starts. Each time you restart the model these saved scores should be re-applied to the dash and re-order the group tables. I have tested this on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and found no issues. Please note this application is purely my own work and is not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute any official communication from SAP.
Please visit the SAP Lumira Soccer Microsite for further indepth analysis. The SAP Data Viz team wanted to join the action of World Cup Football and share insights using SAP technology into which teams might make it to the finals.
Using SAP Lumira and SAP Predictive Analysis, the data viz team at SAP analyzed data from all the World Cup teams to select which countries would advance in the tournament. Each selection was made based on data, removing any gut feel or country bias from the equation.
The Current version available to download is V3.14 and this became available on the 9th June at 19:00 pm and should be the only verison you should need to download. Should I find any issues with the completely unsupported application then I will update this page / site accordingly.
Dashboard + Instructions (3mb)
Dashboard + Instructions + Movie (25mb)
Should your saved scores not load when you restart the Wall Chart there may have been some issue with your Internet Cache. Should you wish to reset the whole application simply clear out your cache and the scorecard will return to its initial state.
Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. My thanks go to Ryan at Centigon Solutions for the use of his excellent Sort component.

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